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EXCEL - Handle Ivory

Ivory handle from Excel would make the décor of your space get an image redefining facelift. Eclectically designed and chiselled with finesse, the ivory handle would not allow eyeballs of onlookers to shift away from it. The handle’s smooth texture and brushed nickel appearance helps you make a bold statement of your lifestyle choices.

The ivory handle has the potential of immediately becoming the focal point of the space where it has been installed. The glamorous design coupled with superior craftsmanship renders it a true masterpiece.


  • Measurement: L116 X W15 X H27 (C.C.: 64mm)
  • Finishing: Satin Chrome

Note: Item selling in pairs

Stellar features of the handle:

  • Strategic design with smooth curve provided at the spot accessible to hands
  • Manufactured out of industry grade superlative type steel alloy
  • Plating on the surface prevents rusting or corrosion induced by moisture and chemicals
  • Contemporary designer look that accentuates the visual appeal of the place
  • Consistency of metallic composition all along the body renders a firm grip
  • Compatible with all standard types of escutcheon plates available in market
  • Installation is easy and requires no handyman intervention
  • Would not get deformed or develop dirty patches on surface even after repeated usage
  • Addition of superior metals prevents infection causing germs from thriving on the handle
  • Transmission of contagious disease causing germs from one hand to another eliminated
  • Smooth to touch and grainy feel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Damp cloth run over the surface would wipe away all traces of dirt
  • Unique constitution of the body prevents obstinate dust from settling down on the surface
  • Retains it structural integrity even under extreme weather conditions and in all seasons
  • Abrasion resistant and fire retardant
  • Cost competitive price makes it affordable for users of all budget groups
  • Manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001 and other internationally acclaimed standards
  • Non-brittle and won’t become fragile over time due to fatigue induced wear and tear

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