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EXCEL - Handle Lady Finger

Excel lady finger handle is a piece of exquisite workmanship and precision engineering. The standard dimensions of the handle render it compatible with a wide array of backdrops. The softness of the handle allows it to be operated by small finger also.

This pull handle is perfect for your cabinets, doors, bookcase, drawers and so on. You can use it in office or home as per your needs. Maintaining the looks of the handle is really easy. A dampened cloth run over the body of the handle would rid it of dirt. Order now and use with confidence.


  • Measurements:L130 x W11 x H27 (C.C.: 96mm)

Stellar features of the handle:

  • Zinc alloy construction imparts unparalleled strength and ability to endure consistent usage induced strains
  • Satin nickel finish greatly enhances the aesthetics of the handle and bestow on it an unmissable sparkle that inspires awe in onlookers
  • The self-disinfecting metals alloyed with base construction material prevent disease causing germs from thriving on the handle. It has been observed that contagious germs settle down from the hands of infected person on the handle and then gets transmitted to others. However, with this handle there is no such scope of infection.
  • Ornate design which instantly makes it the focal point of the space where it is used
  • Seamlessly accentuates the décor of the room
  • Affordable price which won’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • Compatible with contemporary, archaic, traditional, minimalist and customized doors, windows and other accessories
  • Can be easily accessorized with all types of escutcheon plates to prevent soiling by dirty fingers
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver
  • Exquisite finish with smooth, soft to feel texture
  • Reliable, durable, fatigue resistant, fire retardant, and rugged
  • Electroplating done on the surface for preventing rusting or corrosion induced by prolonged exposure to moisture or chemicals
  • Rugged and strong with impeccable load enduring capacity

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