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SKU: 298L AL

EXCEL - Handle Oval Artrium

The attractive oval artrium handle from Excel prides itself of eclectic craftsmanship. It instantly endues the décor with an inimitable charm that grabs the attention of onlookers intuitively. Example of top notch precise engineering, the handle has been designed to offer optimum comfortable tactile sensation. The curves have been strategically devised to facilitate firm and smooth grip. Absence of any jagged edges ensures that fingers won’t get nicked if the handle is held inattentively.

Constructed out of pure aluminium and wearing a soothing white hued finish, the handle is compatible with a wide range of cupboard, cabinet, bookshelf or door. This is possible because of its availability in two size variants. You can order the handle in long format which is 130 mm long, 38 mm wide, and 11 mm high. Alternatively, you can procure it in shorter version which is 95 mm long, 33 mm wide and 10 mm high. Smooth plating done on the surface prevents the finish from getting tarnished even after regular use. Dark, discoloured patches would never appear on the surface. Further, alloying of aluminium with traces of self-disinfecting metals prevent disease causing contagious germs to thrive on the surface. Microbes from an ailing person would not get transmitted to healthy person through contact with the handle. The handle can be fitted seamlessly with escutcheon plate to prevent soiling of door by dirty fingers.

The uniform consistency of metal all along the body prevents the handle from getting bent out of shape due to rough use. The unbelievingly low price makes it easy to purchase the handle in bulk without straining your budget. Our strategic shipment arrangement makes it possible for us to deliver the product to almost all zip codes. Screws needed for installing the handle comes packed with the product.

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  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Aluminium
  • Measurement:
    298L AL: L130 x W32 x H11mm
    298S AL: L95 x W33 x H10mm

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