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SKU: 3924-250

EXCEL - Handle Solid Blunt Pinocchio

Solid blunt Pinocchio handle from Excel has a simple, attractive and usable design that blends minimalist aesthetics with reliability. Wearing a tubular look, the main body has two projections jutting out of the body which facilitate riveting of the handle to the door. The handle is perfect for your cabinet, bookshelf or other door. Constructed out of zinc alloy, the handle has brushed nickel finish for eye catching dazzle. Manufacturing has been carried out in factory conditions that conform to ISO 9001 standards.

This implies that the finish would not lose its sheen even after repeated use and no discoloured patches would ever appear. You just need to clean the handle at periodic intervals by running a wet cloth over its surface and then following up the process with a dry cloth. The handle is available in 5 size variants. You can have all your cabinets and doors of varying sizes decked up with this eclectic handle without worrying about size constraints. The centre to centre distance ranges from 96 mm to 256 mm. Only 5 mm diameter holes need to be drilled in to the door for keeping the handle in place.

The handle is fire retardant, abrasion resistant, fatigue proof and durable. It can withstand seasonal variations in temperature without being deformed. The presence of non-disinfectant metals along with the alloy renders it immune to the contagious germs that may get transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one through the handle. The consistency of alloy along the body is consistent. This eliminates any potential of breakage due to brittleness. Another attraction is the competitive pricing. The affordable price tag allows you to procure the handle in bulk without denting your wallet. The handle is durable, reliable, cost-efficient, and sturdy.

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  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Finish : Brushed Nickel
  • Measurement:
    3924-250: L250 (C.C. 160mm)
    3924-300: L300 (C.C. 256mm)

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