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EXCEL - Handle Spot Edge

128 mm long spot edge handle from Excel has been designed to redefine your experience of tactile pleasure. Complementing your style perfectly, the pure stainless steel handle offers firm grip to your fingers and allow effortless manoeuvring of the object to which it is attached. Electroplated with chrome to keep rusting, corrosion and abrasion at bay, the handle definitely helps the owner make a distinctive statement with its cool and inviting looks. Interior or exterior, the handle leaves lasting impressions and grabs appreciative eyeballs of the onlookers. Uniform consistency of metal and strengthening with alloys ensure that the handle won’t fall prey to fatigue induced breakages ever.

The smooth texture and precise finish would perfectly complement contemporary, traditional, minimalist, garish and custom decked doors, walls and other accessories. The handle has all the trappings of becoming an instant visual hit. The impeccable looks and eclectic design are simply incomparable. Installation is easy and just requires a screwdriver. The main cylindrical handle is supported by two projecting cylindrical supports that are to be fixed on the door or wall. The handle has been designed to be the focal point of the place where it has been installed. The eclectic design is bound to accentuate every type of décor. External addition of smidgens of metals like brass ensures that germs don’t get a chance to thrive on the handle.

It has been observed that contagious infections spread through handles which are touched by numerous users. However, the additives render the handle self-disinfecting which offers complete safety from any contagious disease causing germs. Another attraction is the competitive pricing of the handle which makes it affordable for people of all income groups. The handle is shipped to all locations. The robust design and streamlined features render the handle useful for industrial, residential and commercial applications.

  • Measurement: L160 X W15 X H23 (C.C.: 128mm)
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel

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