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EXCEL - Handle Spots on Me

Excel handle with spots embedded on the top surface is a true masterpiece. Demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and manufacturing finesses, the handle makes head turn instantly. It is a class apart from other handles in the same price range. Door, cabinet or other products; the handle can be installed with ease without any hassle. This handle is a must have for all those who keep class and style above everything else. An example of precision engineering, the handle is a stylish shift from conventional designs. Order now.


  • Measurement: L128 X W21 X H27 (C.C.: 96mm)
  • Finishing: Brushed Nickel
Stellar features of the handle:
  • Robust construction with industry grade metal and alloys
  • Sleek and spectacular design makes onlookers awe intuitively
  • Spots punched on the surface of the handle through precision engineering tools and thus won’t fade away with time
  • Chrome plating done on the body prevents rusting, metal loss, corrosion and other deformities due to prolonged exposure to moisture, chemicals and other elements
  • Temperature variations not detrimental to the constitution of the handle
  • Remains structurally firm under varying weather conditions and seasonal changes
  • Easy to clean as a soft damp cloth run over the surface of the body would cleanse all dirt
  • Addition of self-disinfecting metals causes disease causing germs to be eliminated from the handle’s surface
  • Compatibility with wide array of escutcheon plates
  • Sufficient contact area provided at the ends of the handle to facilitate easy riveting to the surface on which you plan to affix it
  • Over a period of repeated use, fatigue induced deformities or wear and tear would not be induced
  • Shine on the surface remains distinct and brilliant
  • Manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001 and other internationally acclaimed standards
  • Non-fragile and won’t snap anywhere across the body
  • Unique surface constitution prevents stubborn dust from settling down
  • Affordable price tag
  • Can be installed in DIY mode without any handyman’s intervention



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