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EXCEL - Handle (IREX)

This handle is a hallmark of excellence, performance and functionality. It has been precisely engineered to be compatible with your cabinet, bookshelf and other door types. The dimensions of the handle are standard. Small diameter holes drilled into the body of the door would hold the handle intact in place. Screws come packed with the handle.

The handle has other spectacular features prominent among them being:

  • Eclectic, futuristic, enthralling, and classic design with timeless appeal
  • Can be installed with ease through one’s effort, no need to pay to handyman
  • Standard dimensions render the handle compatible with all kinds of cabinets, doors etc.
  • All edges have been smoothened to ensure that there are no jagged projections which can accidentally nick the fingers of the user
  • Electroplating of the surface prevents prolonged exposure to moisture or air to have rusting or corrosive impact on the handle’s body
  • Seasonal variations in ambient temperature won’t take its toll on the shape of the body
  • Unique alloying prevents obstinate dirt from settling down on the handle which eliminates any potential of discoloration or emerging of dirty patches
  • Installation of escutcheon plate under the handle can be carried out with ease for preventing soiling of the door’s surface with dirty impressions
  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the handle’s body prevents any deformation due to accumulation of unwanted strain
  • Awesome fatigue resistance which keeps the structural integrity of handle intact even after repeated use
  • Abrasion resistance prevents scratches or peeling off of surface plating
  • Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metals like copper and silver kills disease causing germs the moment they settle down from the hands of infected person; no potential of transmission of infectious germs to healthy persons
  • Cleaning can be done easily with damp cloth and brush
  • Exquisite craftsmanship render the handle focal point of the space effortlessly
  • Space décor is accentuated by the riveting finish
  • Strategic design and alignment that allows intuitive operation of the door even on application of small amount of muscular force
    • Measurement: L109 X W42 X H26 (C.C.: 96mm)
    • Finishing: Brushed Nickel

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