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SKU: E037-600

EXCEL - Hanging Tube Set

The hanging tube set from the reputed house of Excel is very competitively priced. The tube set is a real asset for all those who have been seeking an innovative solution to add more value to their spaces. Either at home or in office, you can assemble the tube set and optimize the space available. You need not worry about the assembling hassles as the product comes accompanied with comprehensive instruction manual that would detail you about the process. Pictorial representations are also given to make the process easier for you.

This means that the product is durable and would remain usable even after sustained use. The tube won’t get deformed under pressure. The shininess of the product would be retained even after exposure to moisture and oxidation won’t induce rust. Corrosion proof and robust, you have a great tool in your hand to organize limited space in your office and home. The holders through the tube are to be slid through prior to installing on wall or other structure also comes packed with the cylindrical tube.

After assembling and installing, the hanging tube would greatly enhance the visual appeal of your place apart from adding lots of usefulness to your daily chores. The screws are modular in shape and can be easily drilled into the wall or structure without causing any crack to surface. When the tube set would come in regular use, it won’t induce any crack or disfigurement in the surrounding surface.

The hanging tube set is affordable and is worth investing in. The shine of the tube set would be retained for protracted period. Dull patches or discolouring wont’ impact the tube set ever. It is a prized possession that every home and office should essentially have.


  • Measurement:
    E037-600: L600 x ø16
    E037-1000: L1000 x ø16

  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Polished Chrome

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