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The in line sliding door system from Excel is a comprehensive set of accessories that can set in motion your access systems with poise, elegance and style. The track comes fixed with damper that facilitates soft closing and also muffles any jarring noise that may be produced during door movement. The track has been manufactured out of high strength, industry grade, and superior quality alloy. It is aluminum coated which keeps the detrimental effect of prolonged contact with moisture or humid air away. You can rest assured that rusting or metal loss through reduction reaction would not take its toll on the efficiency of the system. Decorative set is also provided to conceal the track from the gaze of the onlookers and also to keep it immune from direct contact with the elements. The track operates on ball bearing operated rail and is well lubricated with self-moistening fluid that keeps the sliding process jerk free. The doors slide alongside the front of the closet without creating any noise. The dampers also stabilize the door and prevent any imbalance. This eliminates the potential of any jumping situation. The doors sit flush with the closet as one piece. When closed, there is scope for entrance of dust or other contaminants through chinks as the doors are tightly sealed. The system can easily endure max 60Kg of weight of each door. It is compatible with wooden, outline, aluminum and other doors with thickness in the range of 18mm-45mm. Maximum height and width of the door should be 2400mm and 1500mm respectively. The closet underneath which the sliding system would be installed should be of length in the range of 1500mm-3000mm. The door can be framed in wood or aluminum. The attached brush automatically cleans the debris on the rails to facilitate smooth sliding of roller. The runner can be applied on top and bottom. The door overlay and tilt can be adjusted.

With a damper in the track that is aluminum coated with a decorative set, the sliding system is finely set under this fluid and lubricating damper to enable smooth movement between doors and closets with less noise.

It also gives the sliding door enough balance to hold the door firmly and avoid any jump situations that might occur.

Two doors close at one piece, straightforward and flawless.

The in-line sliding door system comes with all the accessories required to install sliding door safely and immovably on the track for optimum functionality. All the accoutrements needed for the door to function in seamless and streamlined manner are bundled up for hassle free installation. The accessories cater to siding door systems of various lengths like 2.5m, 2.7m, 2m and 3m.

◇ Min. Door Weight / Leaf: 20kg

◇ Max. Door Weight / Leaf: 60kg

60KG for each door with high-qulity ball direction

◇ Application:Wooden Door, Outline Door, Aluminium Outline

◇ Door Thickness:18mm to 45mm

◇ Door Height:2400mm (Max)

◇ Door Width: W1500mm (Max)

◇ Door shutting with damper capacity

◇ Fits for closet with length ranging from 1500mm to 3000mm

◇ Top & Bottom running sliding door system

◇ Flush fitted door

◇ For wooden or aluminium framed door

◇ Height adjustment, adjustable door overlay and tilt

◇ Silent system & automatically clearing debris and dust in the rails with brush, ensuring smooth sliding of roller

◇ Other salient features include:
- Aluminium coated track for robustness, longevity and durability
- Damper provided to muffle the noise produced during door movement
- Decorative set for concealing the track and damper from onlookers
- Well-lubricated and high quality bearings for smoothness of door movement
- Strategic dimensions of the track and damper provide the needful balance to sliding door for holding the door firmly in place and prevent any jumping off
- Two doors can be moved which close as one piece without any flaws
- Accessories can easily endure 60 Kgs of door weight
- Compatible with wooden, outline and aluminium doors
- Supported door’s preferable dimensions (thickness: 18-45mm, height: 2400mm, width: 1500mm)
- Suitable for closets with span in the range of 1500-3000mm
- Door can be slid on top and bottom runners
- Door sits flush with the wall
- Height of the door can be adjusted along with its overlay and tilt
- Door operates without creating any grating noise
- Any debris accumulated on the rails are spontaneously cleared by the attached brush which ensured smooth roller sliding
- Door would not succumb to seasonal changes in temperature
- Fire-retardant, immune to mould and mildew growth; deformation proof; termite resistant
- Muscular effort need not be applied to operate the door, a simple nudge would actuate the door panel on the tracks
- Affordable, cost competitive price that does not burn a hole in your wallet

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