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EXCEL - Ingredient Organiser

The ingredient organizer from the ‘Excel’ group is a great tool for sorting items in your kitchen to become more productive while saving time. Built innovatively to optimize on available space and render ingredients’ sorting handy, a number of baskets in multiple tiers make the process of keeping ingredients super convenient. The organizer can be hung from a rod at suitable location in your kitchen or any other location.

Two hooks jutting out from the upper end of the structure can easily be hitched on to the rod. The structure has been subjected to rigorous tests under factory conditions to ensure that no deformity or buckling occur under the pressure of load borne by the baskets. Chrome glazing on the steel surface makes a smooth gleam reflect off the organizer. This offers added attraction to ingredients basket and leave people gaping with appreciation.

The standard basket dimensions are 200mm, 350mm and 400mm in length, breadth and height respectively. You can easily place and sort all your kitchen ingredients within the trays. The ergonomic design makes it useful and easy to access. The organizer is highly competitive in price segment keeping in perspective the way it complements the kitchen dynamics. The upper basket has parallel cylindrical bars at its base which makes it comfortable to keep kitchen cutlery and other large items with ease.

In the subsequent trays lying beneath the top basket, there is sufficient space in each tier to accommodate all your kitchen needs. If you are running a restaurant or food joint, this organizer would prove to be a real asset. Nothing can add more value to the pantry like this state of the art organizer with innovatively designed baskets. It is a must have for all homes and commercial installations.


  • Basket Size: 200mm x 350mm x 400mm (D x L x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Polished Chrome

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