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Ceramic shower filter from Excel Lifestyle brand is an eclectic product that offers you unparalleled health and cosmetic advantages in cost competitive manner. Get ready to transform your ordinary shower experience into a luxurious spa type with this filter. Weighing just 450g, the filter softens the water spewing out of shower and paves way for radiant skin and shiny hair. Using sophisticated technology, tap water is cleansed effectively of chlorine, biological disease-causing elements, and other contaminants which can potentially impair your health and skin condition. Often unfiltered water sourced directly from chlorinating plants contain chemicals that can cause irritation of the eyes, dryness of the skin and frizzy hair. These chemicals when exposed to your skin along with bathing water can get absorbed by the body pores. In the long run, your health can be compromised through triggering of unwanted internal reactions by the absorption of insalubrious chemicals. Ceramic shower filter eliminates traces of chemicals and pollutants from the water meant for bathing and thus safeguards your health. Your natural beauty takes a boost by regularly bathing in soft, chemical free water. The filter brings down your incidental costs by cutting the expenses on health care, hair care and skin beauty products. Water is filtered through various layers and types of ceramic spheres and then directed through tiny pores for creating soft pressure. Advanced technology ensures instant purification and filtration of shower water. Inside the ceramic spheres, infra-red technology is at work which potentially eliminates toxic minerals and harmful contaminants. The filter ensures that beneficial elements such as zinc, Vitamin C etc. are retained in the water. As water is channelized through ceramic spheres, impurities are chemically bonded with water molecules and thus cannot cause any harm to you. Installation is easy and you stand to save up to 40% on water and energy bills. Order it now!!

◇ Weight:450g

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