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Ceramic water filter from Excel Lifestyle brand is an eclectic plumbing accessory whose advanced technology frees the water of harmful chemicals, toxic minerals, and biological elements to offer you spectacular health related advantages. Lightweight (390g) and easy to install, the filter lasts longer and comprehensively removes bacteria and cysts (>99.9%). The ceramic cartridge offers superlative performance and removes fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, and organic elements from water while retaining useful elements like zinc, vitamin C etc. The rubber washer that accompanies the filter ensures its compatibility with all kinds of housing. The filter works perfectly in the pressure range of 10-125 psi. 2.5-5 liters of water per minute is assured. Some of the other contaminants that are eliminated from tap water include lead, E.Coli bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, volatile organic contaminants, hydrocarbons, amoeba, suspended solids, traces of pesticides and herbicides, chloramine, arsenic, beryllium, antimony, mercury, selenium and chromium. Tank water can get further polluted by the droppings of birds, reptiles, frogs etc. As waste is removed from water, body cells are better facilitated to absorb essential nutrients. Further, the filter reduces NSF turbidity by 99.9%. The health benefits accrued would be evident from radiant skin, shiny hair, and good health. Further, the filter also stands to reduce your water and energy related bills. Your expenses on health care and skin care products would also be significantly reduced. Water is filtered through various layers and types of ceramic spheres and then directed through tiny pores for creating soft pressure. Advanced technology ensures instant purification and filtration of water. Inside the ceramic spheres, infra-red technology is at work which potentially eliminates toxic minerals and harmful contaminants. The filter is durable, efficient and cost competitive. It would be shipped to all zip locations across the country at no additional transit fee. Order it now!!

◇ Weight:390g

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