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EXCEL - Multi Purpose Rack

This multi-purpose rack from the business house of Excel really lives up to its name. Multiple baskets, hooks and bracketed space allows for storing a number of items with relative ease. Space optimization has been effectively pulled off with this eclectic and innovative design. The standard dimensions of the basket are 250mm length, 150mm width and 400mm height.

The basket can be rested on two angular hooks that extend out of its shape and can be used for suspending on a vertical hanging rod of suitable weight bearing capacity. The rack and its support structure have been industrially tested to ensure that they would not buckle under the weight of the items stored in the basked or placed otherwise through various attachments.

At the external edge of the rack, a series of four obtruding hooks have been provided which would serve as hanger for keeping kitchen knives, ladles, spoons and other items with notches inbuilt for hanging. You can place your cutleries, food items, packages, bottles, sauce bottles, kitchen items, cooking pan etc. within the spacious basket area.

The chrome plating ensures that prolonged exposure to moisture, chemicals or other organic substances won’t trigger any reaction that can induce rusting or corrosion. The bottom of the basket has wired grid that serves as the base and keeps items from falling down. Parallel cylindrical bars along the body of the basket serve as protective guards to keep stored materials in place. The item is highly affordable keeping its low cost in perspective. Catered seamlessly to the needs of kitchens and pantries of various sizes with relative ease. It is a must have, for sure.


  • Basket Size: 250mm x 150mm x 400mm (W x D x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome

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