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EXCEL - Multiple Hanger

A series of five parallel hooks fixed on a hanging rod is another offering from the international manufacturing house of Excel. The first attraction of this multiple hanger is its competitive price. Priced at S$14, you can source it from your pocket money only. The robust stainless steel structure glows in the shine of chrome plating done on it.

The edges of the hanger hooks have been rounded off and smoothened to ensure that no jagged surface is present that can potentially harm the items suspended from them. The hooks have been rigorously tested under stringent industry conditions to ensure that they don’t get bent or deformed under the pressure of the items dangled from them. The structure can be easily installed on suitable surface.

The smooth and streamlined architecture ensures that no cracks would appear in the structure on which it has been installed. There is sufficient space made available between parallel hooks to ensure that items or clothes can be easily and conveniently placed. If you are using the hanger for placing your clothes for special occasions, rest assured that creases or other ruffles wont’ show up on the surface of the attires.

The charming and classical looks of the hanger make it a visual treat for the eyes and also enhance the appeal of the room décor. The hangers can be easily cleaned and washed after prolonged use. It is a gift that you can present to your closed ones. You would linger in the memories of your near and dear ones whenever they would use this hanger.

The chrome on the body of the hanger won’t get scraped off due to chafing or abrading with the items that are placed on the hooks. A beautiful and simple product that would be useful to you for a lifetime, it is a must have for all.

This product is strong and relaible enough to hang heavy objects without breaking apart. An Excel Single Hook as well as a Excel Dual-Hook are also available.


  • Size: 340mm x 50mm x 30mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome


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