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The shelf support stud from Excel can be used in versatile manner to hold in place shelf of adequate size. With these studs at your disposal, you no longer have to worry about putting a shelf at your desired position. After fixing these studs in place, you can slide the shelf over them with absolute ease. The shelf would be held still in its position and you can use the same for placing items of your choice. The studs have been manufactured out of industry grade, superior quality alloy. They have been subjected to rigorous tests in simulated factory conditions to ensure that the studs don’t buckle under the weight of the shelf or material placed on it. The body of the stud offers added agility which can flexibly stretch or shrink at micro level to adjust to the weight of material placed on the shelf. Reliable and durable, the stud is the perfect example of high precision engineering. Nothing can compare with the strength and load bearing capacity of the stud. You can procure the stud at very competitive price which ensures optimal return on your investment. The studs are compatible to the dynamics of any load bearing shelf and can be used with ease to position shelves of variable dimensions. You can order the studs in a number of alluring colours that have the potential of enhancing the appeal of your room’s décor. Excel is a name to reckon with in the segment of superlative quality material. The studs offered by Excel come with the assurance of protracted service without developing any issues. The studs won’t fall prone to rusting or corrode with time. You can use the studs with confidence in your home, office or other commercial installations. The usefulness of studs would take your productivity and efficiency to the next level.

Material Color: Clear/White

Measurement: L1:13, L2:26, H:5

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