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EXCEL - Single Hook

Excel single hook is a strong ‘S’ shaped hook that can be used for suspending adequate amount of weight for various purposes. Made of industry grade steel, the hook has been polished with chrome for improved aesthetics. The dimensions of the hook (77mm long and 45 mm wide) have been strategically designed to ensure that adequate load distribution takes place along the body of the hook. This ensures stabilization of the suspended material along the centre of mass.

The price of the hook has been kept highly competitive to facilitate procuring of this sturdy and useful item in bulk without having to care about budget. The hook can be put into multiple uses in residential as well as commercial installations. The edges of the hook are not jagged and have been rounded off smoothly to make sure that the rope or dangling medium of the suspended material id not adversely affected.

The design of hook is highly ergonomic and is conducive to improving your efficiency, productivity and safety at workplace. The glossy surface plated with chrome makes it soft to touch and easy to handle. The upper edge of the hook can be notched in any adequate medium for putting the bottom part in use. The constitution of the hook is sturdy and consistency of steel material optimum.

This is a safeguard against the hook giving away to pressure midway. Rigorous tests under stringent factory conditions have been carried out to assess the load enduring capacity of the hook. You can saddle the hook with confidence. The hook is the hallmark of reliability and durability. Multiple hooks can be entangled collectively to create a composite device that can be deployed for higher load bearing. The hook is a marvel of modern engineering and can make life easier and convenient for you.

This product is strong and relaible enough to hang heavy objects without breaking apart. AnExcel Dual-Hook as well as aMultiple Hanger are also available.


  • Size: L77mm x D45mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome

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