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The soft closing cabinet dustbin is a marvellous innovation from the global brand Excel that apart from enhancing the appeal of your room décor would also make it convenient to store trash concealed from the sight of visitors.
The 15 litres capacious basket serves as the perfect bin for collecting all household refuse till the time the same is dumped in safe location or disposed of. On the top of the bin along its edge runs a strip of metal which can be lifted up for pulling the dustbin out of the cabinet and carrying it to the outside for emptying. The placeholder in which the dustbin is put for sitting flush with the cabinet has a notch carved out of protruding part. The indent faces the floor. You can easily hitch your fingers in it and pull out or push in the drawer inside the cabinet. The bin is manufactured out of hardened plastic. It is durable, reliable and safe to use. With repeated use over time, crack or deformity won’t develop in the body of the bin. The milky white colour adds to the visual appeal of the basket and renders it an embellishment for adding to the beauty of the surroundings. The brand name of Excel inspires trust among users due to the enhanced value they come to enjoy compared to other similar products in the market for niche segment. The damper in the mouth of the bin allows it to close softly by muffling any discordant noise and reducing friction between surfaces.
Compared to the utility offered by the bin, the price has been kept very competitive. You can easily afford the bin. It is an asset for commercial installations where refuse is generated in significant quantity. The dustbin is shipped to almost all locations across the country.

Material: Plastic


  • Capacity: 15L
  • Product Size: W254mm x D330mm x H279mm
  • Internal Cabinet size: W265mm x D365mm x H265 (min.)

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