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EXCEL - Soft Closing Drawer Damper

The soft closing drawer damper from Excel takes the violent energy away from the intense momentum imparted to cabinet drawer by slamming action of user’ hand. Just a small push causes the drawer to slide in at safe and controlled speed without causing discordant noise or harming the fingers of the user. The damper has been manufactured out of poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) which offers it unparalleled elasticity and agility to absorb the impact of damaging kinetic energy. It is fire retardant, fatigue resistant and does not succumb to the reduction process of air.

Durable, reliable and efficient; the damper’s unique construction prevents accumulation of breakage strain on any specific part. This protracts its useful life and also allows it to function seamlessly without experiencing any play. Mortised part of the damper is compatible with the tenon of the drawer body. Such a strategic arrangement allows any standard drawer to be installed easily with the damper to offer you a pleasant feel. The standardized parts of the damper allows for spontaneous closing of the drawer. Just a little push or pull would make the drawer to slide in or out effortlessly. You are not required to apply significant muscular force to operate it.

This functionality is important to keep the user from sustaining any injury due to sudden and unexpected closing of the door. Compression of the spring within the damper during door opening allows for its expansion later on for controlled closing of the door. A piston controls the speed of the damper. The damper has been priced competitively to help you procure it without causing your budget to go overboard. The damper is perfectly suitable for use in industrial, commercial and residential drawer related applications. Product is shipped to almost all zip codes.

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  • Material: PVC
  • Finishing: Grey
  • Size: 238mm

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