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The built-in dustbin from Excel is a top notch product that comes in two capacities. Spacious enough to accommodate the dirt and refuse of your home or commercial unit, the dustbin has an articulated lid that can be set in motion by the pressure applied through foot on the pedal at bottom edge of dustbin. The airtight construction and symmetrical alignment of the body and lid allow no dirt particle to escape back into room after being dumped in the dustbin. The protection offered is comprehensive. Cleanliness of your room is not compromised in any manner due to the meticulous design of the trash can. You can choose from any of the two capacities available to ensure that the dustbin dimensions match with the amount of garbage generated in your home or office at periodic intervals. The body of the dustbin has been made from industry grade superior quality steel and has been offered touches of hardened rubber and plastic for durability. The chrome coating on the body surface ensures that rusting or corrosion would not be induced even after prolonged exposure to moisture or other chemicals. The product has been competitively priced at S$ 58 which makes it affordable for all. The commodious nature of the dustbin ensures that it can take up additional garbage if the same is generated on any special occasion. Just pressing the pedal at the bottom of the bin would make the product raise its hood instantly to facilitate you to dump the trash inside. Releasing the pressure would cause the lid to recoil back to its normal alignment. The presence of damper muffles any noise produced in the process. The performance of the dustbin is assured as it bears the hallmark of Excel, a brand that is renowned for manufacturing high quality products.

◇ Material: Stainless Steel 201

- There's a protection sheet wrapped around the bin, sheet maybe removed upon installation.

◇ Finish: Black/Stainless Steel

◇ Measurement:
 W300 x H280mm

◇ Installation Manual:


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