SKU: ELS033-400

EXCEL - Tie Rack Hanger

Tie rack hanger from Excel is an elegant accessory designed to keep ties handy for use in shipshape manner. The attractive and eye catching design would hold onlookers spellbound. Order this eclectic tie rack hanger now and remain buttoned-up for all important occasions.

Stellar features of the product:

  • Capable of accommodating 24 pieces of tie
  • Standard width of 385 mm renders it convenient to install at any location
  • Constructed out of industry grade, superlative quality ABS plastic
  • Durable, reliable, high strength and designed to last a lifetime
  • Designed for optimization of space without allowing creases to appear on your ties
  • Consistency of plastic all along the body prevents any part to buckle under mounting load
  • Treatment of surface prevents any brittleness
  • Rack can withstand seasonal variations in temperature and would not be deformed
  • Small diameter holes need to be trepanned in the holder for installation
  • Blue statement strips offered at top and bottom of the hanger for accentuating the visual appeal
  • Ability to endure significant load
  • Smooth finish that is soft to touch and pleasant to look at
  • Rack can be adjusted to accommodate the width of your wardrobe
  • Installation can be carried out in DIY mode
  • Cost competitive price that does not dent your wallet
  • Exciting discounts available on bulk orders
  • Trouser rack is shipped to almost all zip codes across the country


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