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twin waste bins facilitate refuse management in elegant manner. The bins come accompanied with a host of features that make them ideally suited for residential, official, and industrial applications.

The sheer elegance of the design and sleek looks render the bins a valuable aesthetic addition to the functionality of your office and home. The bins make the perfect style statement for your space. The bins would be shipped to almost all locations across the nation. The product would be sourced directly from the factory to your homes. This helps us in keeping the price low. Waste and refuse management at home or office would never been so easy and stylish.


  • Material: ABS,Steel
  • Finish: White
  • Measurement:
    26L (2 x 13L)
    W362mm x D513mm x H333mm


  • Waste bin is inclusive of 1 set of Soft-Closing Double Wall System.
  • Exclude internal drawer underneath the bins.
Salient Features of the twin waste bins:
  • Capacious enough with waste holding capacity of 13 litres each
  • Constructed out of melamine and thermosetting plastic that assures of prolonged useful life and ruggedness
  • Bins are accommodated within telescopic cabinets that can be drawn out for dumping wastes and then pushed in to shut them off the active sight
  • Awesome resistance to heat and temperature variations; structural integrity of the bins remain unharmed even when temperature shoots up or plummets
  • Bins won’t buckle under the pressure of the waste store in them
  • Can endure significant amount of load and never gets deformed
  • White hued body adds to the visual glory of the room décor
  • Access to bins can be controlled by manipulating the drawer
  • No scope of someone tripping over the bins while in hurry
  • No chance of corrosion if chemicals inadvertently falls on the bin
  • Smooth finish, soft to feel texture and no jagged edges that can nick the hands of the user
  • Competitively priced to ensure that everyone can afford the bins without constraining their budgets
  • Manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001 and other Singaporean and international quality standards.

Installation Manual: Download

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