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SKU: EXCEL-A102001

GIRAFFE Floor Lamp In Matt White Colour With Oak Colour Leg

Giraffe floor lamp in matt white colour and oak coloured prop legs is a blend of classiness and superlative technology. Minimalistic yet exquisite, the design would add oodles of style to your living space and enhance the visual appeal of your décor. The lampshade has been painted in high gloss for striking brilliance. The lamp complements your room furnishing seamlessly and has been strategically designed for optimum lighting brightness. The height of the lamp is sufficient to offer glare free soothing illumination for convenient reading.

Being portable and lightweight, the lamp can be shifted with ease to any desired location in hassle free manner. The shading has been meticulously designed to ensure flicker free, uniform lighting. The warmth of the light and inviting hue of the colour would win your guests over. The light perfectly complements any atmospheric lighting in the room. White ambient light is assured without any reddish beams which is commonplace for low quality lamps.

The prop legs have been tested for stability, strength and load endurance under simulated factory conditions. The prop allows for direct beam of light to be cast by the lamp without any diffusion. Strong shadows are not formed which allows for optimization of the illumination. The design of the lamp is energy efficient which implies that same level of illumination can be achieved without drawing additional power wattage. The lamp has been priced competitively to ensure that you can afford the same without having to go overboard with your budget.

Our strategic shipping arrangement allows for transportation of the lamp to your desired zip code without any additional charge. Order it now before stocks run out.

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