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GRILLIMESTARI Vuolukiven Stone Grill Tray

The Vuolukiven story

“More than two billion years old soapstone is a majestic material!”

The famous Huittisten Elk have been found in Finland's oldest cult object, it is about the year 5000 BC, that is, more than seven thousand years old. Later, Vuolukiven stone began to be produced in ovens, kitchen utensils, etc. They are very popular for their strength in retaining hot and cold temperature. Therefore, most people use them as wine chiller, hot plates, cooking pot, candle holder, hot stones for massage, etc. Furthermore,Vuolukiven stone is 100% natural material.

Mother nature gave Vuolukiven stone arctic mystical ability to withstand natural stress. It takes the fire and the chilly cold. It reserves to itself so quickly as the hot kylmääkin. And so for a long time, it retains its temperature. This is one of the major strength STRANDED products.

Tulikivi's Vuolukiven stone is a hardy gray stone, which is very resistant to the abrasion. It has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in food. Chemical resistance of Vuolukiven stone is very good. It complies with S16 of the Finnish food regulation requirements for eligibility for food.

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Many of us want to be the masters of the grill. Food tends to become dry or even burnt. Not anymore! Grillimestari distribute the heat evenly and to prevent drying / burning process. It also allows for grilling with virtually all types of food. Even the vegetables and crustaceans will be really tasty. When the dishes are ready for the grill can be turned off, the heat stored in the stone to keep food warm for a long time.


  • Dimensions: 297 x 227 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 Kg

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