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Hydraulic Arm-Push Up

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The articulated hydraulic push up arm from Irex is a lightweight and compact hydraulic actuator that can be angularly displaced at desired direction to lift the holder up and down. Manufactured out of industry grade, high strength zinc alloy, the arm has been electroplated with nickel to ensure that prolonged exposure to moist air does not have any degrading effect on the metal. The structural integrity of the arm is maintained under all conditions as the strategic design does not allow any unwanted strain to build up at a single point.

The mounting plate is also provided with the package. Holes have been punched in the plate as well as the top of the arm to ensure that they can be installed with ease without any hassle. The ends of the arm can be fixed to the top and bottom of the fixture to be moved. The rotary hydraulic actuator would remain in top notch condition even after repeated use and would serve to lessen the inertia of the arm for swiftness of motion. Accurate gap alignment is achieved through 3D front adjustment.

The elbow joint is actuated seamlessly to cater to the needful torque of the fixture. Cleaning can be done easily with damp cloth soaked in mild cleansing liquid; run it over the surface and then follow up with mopping by a dry cloth. Excellent load enduring capability of the arm means that it won’t buckle under the mounting pressure. It uses innovative technology that has been optimized to improve efficiency, functionality and durability. Just a gentle push would spontaneously propel the arm and impart the needful torque. Certified by Singapore Tuv-Sud-Psb test accreditation committee, the arm is the irst preference of renowned architects and high profile interior designers. Order this cost competitive arm now.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy

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