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Innovare bottle trap plastic sits strategically under the sink or basin and serves to maintain the hygiene level of bathroom while keeping it odor free. This useful plumbing accessory sanitizes the water going down the drainage pipe of waste pipe into the sewer. Since dirty water does not go to sewer in contaminated form, noxious gases are not produced in the drain and consequently your bathroom remains free of malodor. The plastic bottle trap is available in two dimensional variants of 32mm and 40mm. The package contains cup, washer, union and other spares. The trap is easy to handle and install. The trap’s vessel diameter is larger than waste pipe emanating from basin. It remains always filled with water to a certain extent. When the odious smell from sewer wafts up the outlet pipes, it first encounters the bottle trap. The water stored in the trap prevents gases from infiltrating your bathroom. The smooth minimalistic finish has been designed to heighten the visual appeal of your bath’s décor. Manufacturing of the product conforms to international quality standards. The price of bottle trap has been kept competitive to ensure that you can afford this stylish accessory for your contemporary washrooms and kitchens without going overboard with budget. It is shipped to all zip codes across the country at no additional transit charge. Trap can be cleaned in hassle free manner. Maintenance cost is nil. It comes backed up with robust guarantee against any manufacturing defect. Durable, efficient and long lasting; the trap delivers equally well in residential, commercial and industrial setups. Order it now!!

◇ Measurements:32mm / 40mm

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