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Innovare is a name to reckon with in the realm of manufacturing of eclectic bath and plumbing accessories. SS DL shower hoses in varying measurements of 150cm, 180cm and 200cm have been precisely engineered to optimize your shower experience. Built from top notch, industry grade stainless steel, the flexible hose has been manufactured in conformance to international standards. The compact design and elastic finish allow the hose to be stretched to desired length while taking bath. Strategic shape is a guarantee of prolonged functional life and optimum efficiency. The stainless steel braiding and brushed nickel connections render the hose a perfect companion for your high end and expensive shower columns. The inner hose is made of PVC which remains unaffected despite being constantly exposed to water. The durable hose does not develop kinks and is not brittle. The sleek chrome finish accentuates the appeal of your bathroom and add oodles of glamour to it. Style blends with contemporaneousness to give your bath a luxurious feel. Water pressure is not compromised in any manner. The cavity within the hose is conducive to maintaining the pressure of water to offer you an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience. The shower hose is easy to install. Cleaning is easy. You need not invest on costly cleaning chemicals. Obstinate dirt does not settle in between the braided indents. The hose complements all standard shower assemblies and offers convenient mobility. The price of the product has been kept competitive to ensure that you can afford this stylish hose for your modern baths without going overboard with budget. It is shipped to all zip codes across the country at no additional transit charge. Order it now!!

◇ Measurements:150cm / 180cm / 200cm

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