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The bracket with stud is a functional product that eases the process of holding fixtures in place without yielding to any pressure. The body has been manufactured out of galvanized steel and chrome plated. This infuses unparalleled strength into the bracket which keeps it steady even under pressure over prolonged period of time. The bracket won’t succumb to rusting, corrosion, dust depositions, fatigue induced wear and tear or other deforming forces. The projecting stud at the centre of the bracket accommodates the jutting out side of the fixture in absolute poise. There is a hole punched into the bottom face of the bracket through which a threaded stud can be inserted to tighten the grip on the fixture being held in place. The dynamic load bearing capacity of the bracket has been tested and certified through rigorous tests carried out under simulated factory conditions. The constitution of steel used for manufacturing the product is uniform all along the body and this consistency renders smoothness of texture and robustness of performance. The competitive pricing of the bracket adds to its appeal. You can afford it easily without constraining your allocated budget. It comes with a price tag that you won’t come across elsewhere for similar quality product. We have been able to keep the price low by sourcing the product directly from the factory to your doorsteps without involving any intermediary. Optimal use of indigenous technologies has further driven the price down. Cool discounts can be availed of by ordering the product in bulk. The product is shipped to almost all zip and pin codes across the nation. Our strategic shipment arrangements make procuring the product really easy. Prospects of temperature induced deformities are nil and the product can be used with confidence in all weather conditions. It offers optimum return on investment.

Material: Zinc Alloy/Poly

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L:15, H1:9.5, H2:20, W:20

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