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The ceiling mounting from Irex is a robust adaptor that can be used for fixing things on the ceiling without any apprehensions. The adaptor is 12.5 cm long and comes in screw type mode. With the help of its screw type shape, it can be driven into ceiling. You can use the product for an array of purposes related to the ceiling. The adaptor is backed up by the assurance of Irex, a global brand that users rely on implicitly. Durable, reliable and consistent, the adaptor has been manufactured out of the toughest material of industry grade for optimum strength. A result of precision engineering, the adaptor features high strength superior quality steel with uniform metal consistency. You can use the adaptor for variety of mounting related purposes. Special treatment has rendered the adaptor rust proof. Even after exposure to moisture for sustained period, it would not fall prey to rusting. Chemicals or other such material won’t be able to induce oxidation or reduction in the adaptor which makes it equally resistant to corrosion. The load bearing capacity of the adaptor has been rated after subjecting it to rigorous industry standard tests. The product has been precisely engineered to ensure that no particular portion of the adaptor is exposed to additional strain. This safeguard prevents any compromise with the safety of the product. The price of the product has been kept affordably low. You can get the product shipped to any destination as the entire array of pin and zip codes across the country are covered by the shipment arrangement. Ordering in bulk would allow you to enjoy reasonable discounts. All industrial, commercial and residential mounting related needs of justifiable proportion can be fulfilled by this versatile product. The adaptor can be used with ease month on month without losing in efficiency.

Lockable Suspending Fitting

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