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The ceiling mount from Irex comes with screw plate consisting of three holes. The holes facilitate easy fastening of the snapping device so that the purpose of the adaptor can be fulfilled optimally. The dimensions of the ceiling mount have been strategically devised to ensure that wide array of activities related to mounting can be accomplished with ease. The mount has an aerodynamic shape to assure that air resistance would be minimal. It is an example of precision engineering. The streamlined structure and uniform material consistency render the product reliable and durable. You can put the mount in use for different industrial, commercial or residential purposes. It would deliver under all circumstances. The brand assurance of Irex is something to count on. This global brand is associated with a number of top notch products that people use with confidence. The vertically projecting body of the ceiling mount is 66 cm long whereas the base plate with three holes in it is 28 cm long. This strategic design of the mount enables it to bear load without succumbing to any stress build-up. The mount has been manufactured out of high quality industry grade metal and is fortified with alloys. It is resistant to rust, corrosion or other kind of age induced wear and tear. The mount has been plated with metal to prolong its useful life. The product is offered at an affordable price. It is shipped to all locations across the country. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts on overall order value as well as shipment prices. The mount has been engineered to be useful for a variety of uses. You can use the mount for putting up fancy lights in your room. This would enhance the décor of the room. Order now before stocks run out.

Lockable Suspending Fitting

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