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SKU: GL82-180


The 2 way 180 degrees connecting claw from Irex serves as the perfect bracket for setting up glass movables. The circular centre has an aperture in the middle to facilitate ease of installation and adjustment. From the centre, two arms with circular ends project out in diametrically opposite directions. The distance between the centre and the end of each arm is 49.5mm. However, you can order the claw in one of the two available dimensions based on your specific needs. The body of the claw has been manufactured out of brush nickel. The faint shine is a reflection of the strength and durability of the claw. Bracket’s reliability has been established through industry grade tests. It is able to endure huge amount of pressure without buckling under the same. Deformity of any form does not occur with time even after continuous use. The bracket exhibits exemplary resistance to rust, corrosion and abrasion. The product has been priced competitively and comes with a reasonable cost tag that is way below other similar products available in the market. The absence of intermediaries, sourcing of raw materials from leading suppliers, and deployment of indigenous manufacturing technologies has resulted in such unbelievably low price. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts. It would be shipped to any location across the country as our shipment arrangement covers almost all zip and pin codes. You can use the bracket with confidence for a number of purposes either in residential or commercial setup. The claw allows for easy locking in and hassle free detachment of the mounting. It is an example of precision engineering wherein the geometry of the bracket is optimally conducive to enhanced efficiency. The brittleness quotient of the bracket is very low which makes it bear load with relative ease.

Material: Zinc Alloy

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L:23

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