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Shelf holder is a premium offering from the leading global brand, Irex. Meticulously designed by taking into perspective the diverse challenges posed during the process of stabilizing shelves, the holder executes the task with flair. The impeccable and strategic design allows the holder to optimize the process of keeping your shelf in place month on month.

The brand name of Irex inspires trust among users due to the enhanced value they come to enjoy compared to other similar products in the market for niche segment.

Material: Aluminium

Finish: Polished Chrome

Measurement: L48 x W23 x H20

Stellar advantages of the holder:

  • Constructed out of superior grade, industry quality aluminium

  • Sufficient space provided between the top and bottom faces to easily hold standard shelves

  • Adjustment of the grip can be done

  • Electroplating done on the body to prevent rusting and corrosion

  • Uniform aluminium consistency all along the body which prevents any undue concentration of load and subsequent breakage at any particular point

  • Lustrous body appearance enhances the visual appeal of the place where the holders are used

  • Abrasion resistant and fire retardant

  • Smooth texture with sleek looks

  • Easy to install

  • Hassle free cleaning

  • Fatigue induced play or breakages won’t take their toll on the structural integrity and efficiency of the holder

  • Aerodynamic design to prevent any additional pressure mounting by flowing air

  • No jagged edges which can cause nick in the hands if handled roughly

  • Capable of enduring load of the shelf efficiently

  • Won’t get deformed or buckle under additional pressure

  • Load bearing capacity certified through rigorous tests carried out in simulated factory conditions

  • Manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001, Singapore and other internationally acclaimed standards

  • Affordable pricing with attractive discounts available on bulk orders placed

  • Shipment done to almost all locations

  • Ideal for use in different setups like industrial, commercial, residential etc.

  • Optimum return on your investment

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