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The shelf holder from Irex is a unique offering that provides unmatched stability to the shelf which is hitched in between the holder’s arms. Manufactured out of superior quality industry grade steel, the chrome plating combines with the metal to offer a host of value additions to the product. The hole punched in the lower arm of the holder allows for easy lock-in and subsequent removal of the shelf mechanism. The uniform consistency of metal all along the body of the holder and sturdiness of constitution ensure that the holder is able to endure the weight of the shelf. It would not succumb to pressure even when load mounted on the shelf increases in weight. The strength test of the holder has been carried out under simulated conditions in industry ambience. The holder would not give away to load and would always exhibit resistance to rusting, corrosion, abrasion, crushing and pulverizing. Even if fatigue sets in, wear and tear would not be induced in the arms of the holder. Uniform distribution of weight and equilibrium established through demarcation of the centre of mass ensures that unwarranted strain does not build up on any of the arms of the holder. The product has been priced competitively and comes with a reasonable cost tag that is way below other similar products available in the market. The absence of intermediaries, sourcing of raw materials from leading suppliers, and deployment of indigenous manufacturing technologies has resulted in such unbelievably low price. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts. It would be shipped to any location across the country as our shipment arrangement covers almost all zip and pin codes. The holder is capable of holding shelf in residential, industrial or commercial set-up with equal ease. Use it with confidence always.

Material: Zinc Alloy/Poly

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L:16, H1:9, H2:15, W:13.5

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