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Shelf support with hole is a unique example of high precision engineering products from the renowned brand Irex. With the help of these supports, you can get your shelf fixed in place without any hassles.

The shelf supports are ideal for use in commercial, industrial, residential and all other set-ups.

Material: Zinc Alloy/Poly

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L:17, H:22

Stellar advantages of the bracket:

  • Optimized for holding shelves of different dimensional stretches in place seamlessly

  • Presence on suction rubber on top traps air and causes formation of an air seal that holds the shelf immovably in place

  • Manufactured out superior quality, industry grade stainless steel and fortified with alloys

  • Designed to be fire retardant, rusting, abrasion and corrosion resistant

  • Chrome plating done on the surface to prevent any loss of metal due to rust induced by prolonged exposure to moisture

  • Hole punched in the projecting part of the support for easy driving of rivets

  • Standard dimensions with lengths of the top arm and bottom part being 17 mm and mm respectively; compatible with shelves of different sizes

  • Lustrous body enhances the aesthetics of the room

  • Durable, non-brittle, and reliable

  • Electroplating done on the body prevents adverse impacts of oxidation or reduction induced due to prolonged exposure to air

  • Aerodynamic shape allows air to pass around the rounded off edges easily without being obstructed; this improves the useful life of the support

  • Fatigue resistant which ensures that the support won’t get deformed even after months of continuous use

  • Streamlining of the body features achieved through mechanical press which eliminates any potential of breakages developing along the body

  • Built to endure pressure induced by load exerted by objects mounted on the shelf; load certification carried out under simulated conditions in factory

  • Uniform consistency of steel all along the body of the bracket prevents undue concentration of pressure at any particular point

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