Shelf support with suction rubber from Irex helps in installation of dimensionally standard shelf at your desired location in easy manner without requiring you to hire the services of handyman.

The competitive pricing of the product adds to its appeal. You can afford it easily without constraining your allocated budget. It comes with a price tag that you won’t come across elsewhere for similar quality product. We have been able to keep the price low by sourcing the product directly from the factory to your doorsteps without involving any intermediary. Optimal use of indigenous technologies has further driven the price down. Cool discounts can be availed of by ordering the product in bulk. The product is shipped to almost all zip and pin codes across the nation. Our strategic shipment arrangements make procuring the product really easy. Order now!

Material: Zinc Alloy/Poly

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L1:13, L2:26, H:5

The shelf support comes with numerous advantages, prominent among them being:

  • Projecting stud from the body of the support allows it to be driven into wall easily

  • No technical knowledge required for carrying out the installation process

  • Manufactured out of superlative quality stainless steel and fortified with alloys

  • Zinc plating done on the surface cuts off the contact of steel body with air and chemicals which eliminates potential of rusting or corrosion

  • Suction rubber on top of the support creates a seal with the bottom of the shelf by trapping air which helps in keeping the mounting intact month on month

  • Non-yellowing and tear free flexible rubber used

  • Thick consistency of metal used for building the body prevents any buckling under sudden increase in load

  • Designed precisely to endure loads

  • Load testing certified after rigorous experiments conducted in simulated factory conditions where stringent operating conditions have been created

  • Lustrous appearance imparts the body a distinctive visual brilliance

  • Easy to clean and maintain