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IREX Stainless Steel Glass Pivot Hinge (Small)

The small glass pivot hinge, available in pair, by Irex has been manufactured with extreme precision to ensure that it allows flexible operation of glass doors and fixtures. Manufactured from industry grade stainless steel of high strength, the pivot hinge has a brushed nickel finish. At 70mm length, 34mm width and 13mm thickness, the hinge is dimensionally standard to be compatible with wide array of glass doors. The 10mm tenon perfectly locks in with the bottom of the door and remains in position by enduring the load experienced by it due to continued usage. The tenon is not welded to the body of the hinge but is a natural extension chiselled out of the hinge frame.

This prevents it from breaking under heavy strain. The electroplating on the surface prevents the corrosive action of moisture or air from taking its toll on the body. The load enduring capacity of the hinge has been tested and certified by subjecting to rigorous conditions. Two countersinks evenly placed on the body allow the hinge to be installed and fixed in place. Firm riveting of the hinge leaves no scope of play even after repeated use. The hinge is fire retardant and fatigue resistant. Uniform distribution of stainless steel across the body of the hinge prevents any build-up of unnecessary strain that can compromise the efficiency of the product. Exemplary temperature resistance prevents the hinge from getting deformed due to seasonal variations in temperature.

The price of the hinge is competitive. You can order it in bulk and avail of exciting discounts. Our strategic shipment arrangement with leading delivery partners ensures that the hinge is shipped to all zip codes. It is a state of the art product which has been manufactured in conditions complying with ISO:9001 norms. Use it with confidence in residential, commercial and industrial ambiences.

  • Material: Stainless Steel 201
  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
    Note: Item selling in pairs

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