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Irex turn buckle carries with the assurance of unmatched performance under every condition. A useful device, the buckle has earned the unmitigated appreciation of users due to its durability and reliability. At one end of the buckle, there is a hooked shape prong whereas on the other end, you will have close ended prong. At the centre, both the prongs are secured in a housing case for optimum stability. The housing holds both the projecting prongs in perfect symmetry. This buckle is a stellar example of high precision engineering. The alignment of the projections and the central housing has been done meticulously to ensure that the housing won’t be torn apart under the weight of the load being borne. You can put the buckle in use for multiple purposes such as tugging material, suspending items, or other purposes. The buckle can be used in residential as well as industrial set-ups with absolute ease. It has been constructed out of superior quality industry grade steel and has been fortified with alloys. The strength and load bearing capacity of the buckle have been certified through rigorous tests carried out under simulated factory conditions. The nickel plating of the buckle makes it resistant to rusting. Even if harsh chemicals get inadvertently spilled over the same, corrosion would not occur. The constitution of the buckle is perfect with the material consistency as per industry recommended standards. The price of the buckle has been kept very competitive to help you order the same in bulk for all your purposes. The brand name of ‘Irex’ inspires trust and has been the first choice of users since long. The strategic shape of the buckle helps it to be fastened optimally for perfect load balancing on both ends. Order it now in bulk and enjoy free shipment to your doorsteps.

Lockable Suspending Fitting

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