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The steel wire clip with a fixed base from Irex is a robust offering that would make you more productive and efficient. The base of the setup can be fixed in the wall or other support. The wire in the form of a clip is driven through the belly of the base. The material used for manufacturing the clip is superlative quality industry grade steel. The clip is resistant to rusting and has inimitable strength. The material would not corrode even of harsh chemicals are spilled over the product inadvertently. The clip can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used as a fastener as well as a suspender for dangling products. The steel wire can bear load efficiently and would not buckle under the stress building up. An example of precision engineering, the structure of the clip with base has been devised in a scientific manner for optimal distribution of load. This ensures that no part of wire clip comes under unnecessary strain while in use. You can use the clip for residential, commercial and other purposes. The competitive pricing of the device makes it affordable. Irex has become a brand name to reckon with. Its streamlined manufacturing setup and network with leading material suppliers capacitate it to offer this industrial grade product at such unbelievably low price. The product would be shipped to your desired location. Almost all pin and zip codes are covered by the company, so you can rest assured that the clip would be delivered to your destination come what may. The consistency of the material used for manufacturing the clip is uniform. This implies that no part of the clip would gradually get weakened over a period of continuous use. The product is durable and reliable. Order it now and use with confidence.

Lockable Suspending Fitting

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