ITALY FGV Aerobus D40 Lift up Stay (Left + Right)

The aerobus is a compact, aerodynamic product that offers optimal flexibility in usage of door mounted cabinets. It comes accompanied with a click-on door fixture that causes the aerobus to align itself to door in perfect symmetry without requiring any hinge. Assembling of the product can be done easily in rapid manner. Aerobus allows for vertical opening of cabinets and offers maximal access to the space inside the cabinets, irrespective of their sizes. It is a non-intrusive system that offers least obstruction to your usage of the cabinet for various purposes. The compact nature of the product allows it to take-up minimal space for mounting inside the cabinet. The inbuilt damper allows the cabinet door to be closed softly without causing any noise jarring to the ears. Apart from muffling closing sound, the damper allows for controlling the degree to which the door is swung open in the vertical direction. The aerobus system has been meticulously engineered to ensure that all adjustments are done accurately for hassle free service. The adjusters in the aerobus can be tweaked to comply with the requirements of doors of varying weights and sizes. The mounting allows doors to flexibly open up to desired angles for optimum user convenience. The freewheeling nature of the aerobus is compatible with the dynamics of the door and both complement each other for incredible performance. The door does not get closed abruptly if the hand pressure is released. The aerobus applies adequate pressure to hold back the door in position and induce gradual closure without any discordant noise. Any stabilization bar or other intervention is not required to streamline the performance of the aerobus. The silver coating renders it resistant to rust or corrosion. Installation on the left and right edges of the cabinet is really easy and can be done conveniently.

AeroBus is a compact and non-invasive system which guarantees excellent access to the interior space even in small furniture. Easy mounting on the cabinet and rapid fixing on the door with a "click" and without hinges. Damper included for a controlled and silent closure of the door. Complete and accurate adjustment system. Force adjustment, based on door weight and sizes, for a freehold in every position and freewheel SlowMotion of the door.

  • Door Height: 400mm
  • Door Weight: 2.4kg-5.5kg
  • Vertical Opening
  • Easy and rapid assembly with click-on door fixing
  • No hinges required
  • No stabilization bar required
  • Door and weight adjustments
  • Slow motion technology for controlled and silent closing


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