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L shaped stainless steel bracket from Irex has been strategically designed to relieve you of worries related to joining fixtures together in hinged manner. The edge of the bracket can be clamped to the fixture with absolute ease.

The L shaped bracket is an example of precise engineering. It would continue to render its service for protracted period of time. The manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001 standards which speak volumes about the structural integrity of the bracket. Order now and use with confidence.

Material: Steel

Finish: Nickel

Measurement: L34 x H13

Stellar advantages of the bracket:

  • Constructed out of industry grade, superlative quality stainless steel

  • Fire retardant, rusting, abrasion and corrosion resistant

  • Two holes punched in each arm of the bracket allows for driving of rivets easily

  • Standard dimensions

  • Compatible with entire array of fixtures readily available in the market

  • Durable, non-brittle, and reliable

  • Electroplating done on the body prevents adverse impacts of oxidation or reduction induced due to prolonged exposure of bracket to air

  • Fatigue resistant which ensures that the bracket won’t get deformed due to continuous use

  • 90 degrees fold achieved through mechanical press which eliminates any potential of breakages developing along the line of folding

  • Capable of enduring pressure induced by mounting load along its either edge

  • Clean punching of holes prevent any play of rivets or screws in future

  • Easy to clean

  • Uniform consistency of steel all along the body of the bracket prevents undue concentration of pressure at any particular point

  • Extensive preparation to use the bracket not needed; only a screw driver would help in seamlessly accomplishing your task

  • Competitive pricing with rate significantly lower than other similar brackets

  • Attractive discounts on bulk orders

  • Shipment done to all pin and zip codes across the country

  • Delivery done directly from factory to your doorsteps which also helps us in keeping the prices unbelievably low

  • Applicable in commercial, industrial, residential and all other locations


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