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Lift-up Pneumatic Arm System (IREX)

This innovative and state of the art lift-up pneumatic arm system offers optimum convenience while accessing items inside the cabinet. The arms have been designed through implementation of advanced crank mechanism that when actuated in linear direction trigger angular displacement about the joint. The dimensions of the arms are standard and provide compatibility with commonly available and widely used cabinets. Constructed with industry grade high strength steel alloy, the arms are capable of enduring the weight of the door that is fixed on its top.

The arm pair is capable of withstanding door weight of up to 11 kg without buckling under the mounted pressure. Once the door is lifted up at a definitive angle, the arm joint locks itself in that position to prevent auto sliding down of door. Compressed air actuates the arms and holds them in fixed position at a convenient angle. The use of pneumatic system offers the arms same level of agility and usability as that of hydraulic or electromechanical system, but at a much lower price tag. The door can be opened or closed at a safe and controlled pace.

There is no potential of lifted up door suddenly slamming down and causing injury to the user. The advanced configuration of the arms allows them to be installed with ease. Reliable, durable and efficient, the arms’ high strength to weight ratio offers them variable load bearing capacity. The arms can be cleaned easily using any non-acidic cleansing liquid. Just pour a little solution on a cloth and run thoroughly across the body. Follow the action up with mopping by a dry cloth. Coating on the surface of the arms prevents them from falling prey to rusting, corrosion, or reduction induced metal loss. Competitively priced and easy to install, the arm finds use in a wide array of applications. Order now!!


  • Carcase Size: D250mm x W600-800 x H320-450mm

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