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Magnifiying Mirror PNMM1

Hotelier extensible mirror and 3X magnifying glass is an eclectic cosmetic accessory that presents ladies with the opportunity of getting spellbound by their own unique facial charms. Constructed out of high quality glass with embedded lens property, the mirror is held in place by an articulated arm that is attached to a support bar jutting out of the wall. You can move the articulated arm in forward direction to enjoy the services of the mirror at any distance from the wall. The mirror is housed in a semi-circular support within which it can be swiveled in desired direction. The magnification power of the mirror is 3X which implies that you can zoom in on your face up to three times to scrutinize the features from close angle. The fixtures of the mirror have been constructed out of industry grade, superior quality metal which can endure the weight of the mirror without succumbing under the load. The chrome plating on the surface ensures that the metal won’t be reduced through corrosion even after prolonged exposure to humid air. The scratch resistance property makes it impossible for abrasions to spoil the natural sheen and brilliance of the surface. Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the mirror fixture. You can now enjoy spotless facial beauty as you can visualize your face from close quarters and set right any cosmetic blunder that may have inadvertently occurred. Grabbing the limelight and being the focal point of any occasion would no longer be a demanding task, thanks to the Hotelier Extensible mirror. The price is competitive and won’t dent your wallet. The mirror is shipped to almost all zip codes without charging you any shipment fees.

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Hotelier Extensible Mirror
3x Magnifying Mirror

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