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SKU: EXCEL-1349033

MOREY Working Desk In Black Colour Leg And White Lacquered Top, Black Ash Veneer Drawer

Morey working desk in black colour slanted legs and white lacquered top is the perfect accessory to enhance your work productivity manifold times. Designed to improve your attention while at work, the black ash veneer drawer provided at handy location below the desk allows you to store and fetch commonly needed items with relative ease.

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Salient Features

  • Adequately dimensioned to help you work with ease and accommodates necessary items like books, papers, lamps etc.
  • Lacquer offers unparalleled toughness to the table top and prevents wear and tear from taking its toll on the life of table
  • The table top would retain its natural sheen and beauty for years without fading in color, or undergoing chipping or flaking
  • Lacquered table top prevents scratches and nicks which can prove to be an eyesore before guests
  • Yellowing of table surface would never occur
  • Since lacquer is thinner than other coating products, it penetrates deeper upon application and durably seal the wooden surface from inside out
  • Lacquered table top brings down the cost of manufacturing significantly compared to other options available
  • Lacquered top would perfectly complement the atmospheric lighting in the room by allowing an attractive play of colors on surface
  • Excellent heat resistant quality prevents any deformation or discoloration during climate change or coming in contact with hot objects
  • Veneered legs prevent the metal from being exposed to humid air and water and eliminate potential of rusting or corrosion due to oxidation
  • Strength and durability of frame bolstered with metal dowels and specialist metallic glues
  • Joinery carried out by expert craftsmen
  • Vital areas of the table are strengthened by screwed corner blocks
  • Use of metal staple fastening for attaching shaping pieces in regions experiencing less stress
  • Cleaning can be done easily with wet cloth without requiring any specialized cleaning chemical

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