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SKU: 520S-100N

Pneumatic Hydraulic Lift Support Arm

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This pneumatic support arm is air operated and as such does not draw on your wallet for any inputs. It can seamlessly adjust itself to serve as support for hydraulic lift and bolster the efficiency and productivity of the same. With the technical intervention of the arm, the output of lift would certainly get a positive boost. The arm has been ergonomically designed and developed from sturdy material for reliability, durability and unmatched performance.

The arm’s operating mechanism is failsafe and the same has been established through stringent tests in simulated factory conditions. You can rely on the arm to improve efficiency of hydraulic lift without any reservations. It is a stellar product that is being used in various industries as well as for residential applications since long. Users have been highly satisfied by the performance of the same and have rated it highly. The articulated and telescopic parts would continue to deliver desired outcomes even after consistent use over protracted period. Pneumatic hydraulic lift support arm is a blessing for all those who were considering investing heavily in newer hydraulic lift for more efficient outcomes. This support arm does away with the need of having to invest in a fresh hydraulic lift, one can ramp up the productivity of lift.

The arm is certified for sustained performance even after rigorous use. The users’ manual comes accompanied with the package and can be referred to learn more about using the arm strategically. Keeping in perspective the unbelievably affordable price of the arm, it is a must have for all commercial and residential units. The handy tool renders services that make your life easier.


  • Length: 285mm
  • C.C.:252mm


  • 520S-80N: For 8Kg Door
  • 520S-100N: For 10Kg Door
  • 520S-130N: For 13Kg Door
  • 520S-150N: For 15Kg Door

Fake VS GeuninefakevsgenuineFeatures:

  • Can perform under harsh operating conditions
  • Silent and smooth closing
  • Can endure load with ease
  • Realiable, durable and safe to use
  • Adjustable soft-closing speed

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