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SKU: 521S-100N

Pneumatic Hydraulic Lift Support Arm

An awesome product, this pneumatic support arm prides itself for its potential of amplifying the efficiency and outcome of your hydraulic lift seamlessly. Designed to leverage the productivity of hydraulic lift, this air operated intelligent device provides incredible power. Hardened rubber and moulded plastic are alloyed to form the sturdy external body of the lift. The plunging internal rod is manufactured out of superior quality industry grade steel that can deliver stunning results over prolonged durations without succumbing to the pressure of continuous performance. The support arm has been subjected to industry tests of international standards to ensure that it continues to perform even under harsh operating conditions and can endure load with ease. It is a perfect companion for any hydraulic lift and can come in handy for various activities wherein the lift’s performance needs an external fillip.

The arm can be deployed for both commercial and residential applications and there won’t be any compromise in performance on either front. The competitive pricing of the arm ensures that everyone can purchase the same to ramp up the delivery potential of hydraulic lifts without having to be bothered by monetary considerations. The arm would also relieve those who have been thinking of investing in a new or improved hydraulic lift as they have not been able to get the desired level of outcome from the existing one.

With the aid of pneumatically operated support arm, your hydraulic lift would get a new lease of life. Insert enhanced performance potential and efficiency in any hydraulically manipulated lift with this innovative and functional support arm. Reliable, durable and safe to use; the arm would not fail to perform midway. The rated performance capacity of the arm has been arrived at after rigorous tests in unfavourable operating conditions. It is a real asset which is worthy of possession.

  • Length: 200mm
  • C.C.: 167mm


  • 521S-80N: 8kg
  • 521S-100N: 10kg

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