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SKU: EXCEL-A531001

STRINGA 2.4m Rug in Pistachio Colour

Stringa presents an eclectic 2.4 meters long rug in pistachio colour to add warmth and richness to your home settings. The sumptuous rug has been designed by expert craftsman and has been perfected through factory interventions to ensure that you get the best product at optimal price.

Order it now and add class to your home without denting your wallet.

Salient features of the rug:

  • Offers soft and cosy feeling under the feet
  • Serves as the focal point of the room and accentuates the appeal of the décor
  • Earthy colour palette and richness of texture
  • Durable fabric that does not show signs of wear and tear even after constant usage
  • Tight, mechanical weaving of threads which are not undone even while shuffling or if scratched by your pets
  • Superb stain protection as liquid unwittingly dropped over the surface is not soaked in allowing you to mop it off with a wet cloth
  • Rugged and built to handle heavy traffic
  • Excellent insulation property along with good water repellence
  • Fabric hair does no shed over time
  • Pistachio colour does not fade away with time
  • Footprints or shuffling marks are not visible over time
  • Regular cleaning would do away the need of expensive professional cleaning frequently
  • Pet droppings, food crumbs and other pieces of degradable material dropped over the rug can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner
  • Does not allow mould or mildew to thrive under it
  • Water accumulation under the rug is not potentially possible as densely woven fabric resists penetration of water through it
  • Great for use even in damp or humid places
  • Completely family friendly and offers a luxurious feel
  • Cost competitive and easy on your pocket
  • Shipped to almost all zip codes across the country at no additional shipping cost

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