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Super Strong Magnet

Strong magnetic plate equipped with super strong magnet is ideal for your door. Just fix the magnet with countersink in your door and forget about the problem of door not shutting properly. The door would be sealed tight to its framework spontaneously and you won’t have to worry about extraneous pollutants, flies and other unwanted objects entering your home, cabinet or closet. Coupled with iron armature plate that can be installed in the cabinet, you stand to enjoy optimum peace of mind.

The dimensions of super strong magnet make it ideal for entire range of cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelves and other doors that find common application in our homes or commercial spaces The countersink punched in the body of magnet allows the rivets to sit properly. The magnetic plate is 30mm long, 12mm wide and 4mm thick. Best quality industry grade iron has been used for construction of the plate. It comes with the assurance of reliability, longevity, and durability. Uniform constitution of metal all along the body of the magnet allows it to endure strain without buckling under the pressure.

The unique design makes the magnet compatible with escutcheon plates that you may want to use on the cabinet doors to keep soiling from dirty fingers at bay. The magnet has been manufactured in factory conditions that conform to international ISO standards. It is fire retardant, rust and corrosion proof, fatigue resistant and would not deform due to the impact of seasonal variations in temperature. The quality of the magnet is such that the door would be closed seamlessly without any slamming action. Chrome plating on the surface prevents any damage to integrity of the magnet. Competitive pricing of the door magnet makes it easy for you to procure it in bulk.


  • Measurement: L30 x W12 x T4

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