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SKU: EXCEL-102,6408-KING

ZEUS Bed with Natural Leg, Sea Green Colour Cambric Fabric

Zeus bed with natural coloured legs is available in king and queen size options. You can sprawl on the bed and snuggle with your loved ones without ever running out of space.

The smooth and silky welkin fabric would transport you to the realm of ecstatic relaxation effortlessly. Drive away the weariness within you and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

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Salient features of the bed:

  • Captivating sea green colored Cambric fabric with natural colored leg
  • Precisely structured and meticulously designed for longevity, reliability and durability
  • Sea green colored body accentuates the décor of the space where it is used
  • Capable of enduring load without buckling down
  • Tenacious treatment of the exterior prevents the inside material from being adversely impacted by external degrading elements
  • Smoothness of coating renders the upkeep process easier; no chemical or expensive cleaning fluid required
  • Dirt, grease and other soiling particles won’t stick to the surface and can be dusted off easily
  • Superb stain resistance as fluid is not soaked in by body
  • Strength and durability of frame bolstered with metal dowels and specialist wooden and metal glues
  • Joinery carried out by expert craftsmen
  • Vital areas are strengthened by screwed corner blocks
  • Use of metal staple fastening for attaching shaping pieces in regions experiencing less stress
  • Bed would retain its natural sheen and textural smoothness for years without fading in color, or succumbing to chipping or flaking
  • Fabric won’t come off or get dislodged from the body over time
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Advanced spring mechanism for optimum comfort
  • Cost competitive price; most economical in its class
  • Bed would be shipped to your location without any transit charges

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