Quatrio Complete Set Shower Column TQ109+SR14

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Quatrio Complete Set Shower Column TQ109+SR14



Quatrio complete set shower column is a must have accessory for every contemporary bathroom. Sleek and alluring, the smooth texture reflecting off incident light in mesmerizing glints would simply leave the onlookers transfixed.

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Salient features of the product

  • Constructed out of solid brass, stainless steel and other metallic alloys
  • Durable, reliable, and efficient with prolonged useful life
  • Brushed aluminum finish that enhances the visual appeal of the set and also protects the metal from rusting or corrosive effect induced by prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Complete shower system in one set i.e. overhead shower, handheld shower head, flexible hose, adjuster etc.
  • Suitable for use in both indoors and outdoors
  • Both shower outlets are supplied with water by the central column; no pipes visible externally
  • Rain shower function incorporated to offer you pleasurable and adventurous bathing experience
  • Can be configured easily without requiring you to change the in-wall plumbing system
  • Height and angle of the handheld showerhead can be adjusted with the help of sliding bracket
  • Diverter provided at the bottom of the central column to allow easy switching between the overhead and handheld showers
  • Can be mounted on wall easily without any hassle
  • Anti-bacterial property inherent in the system that prevents the contamination of the taste and odor of the water
  • Addition of traces of self-disinfectant metals prevents disease causing contagious microbes from thriving on the surface of the shower; no possibility of germs getting transmitted from an ailing to healthy person
  • Higher sprinkle pressure effortlessly delivered without requiring any change in the water flow level
  • Advanced pressure chamber designed for optimum shower water force
  • Thermostatic temperature control that prevents your body from being scalded or bitten by freezing cold by keeping the water temperature steady; complete immunity from sudden bursts of heat of coldness as switchover is seamlessly carried out
  • Comprehensive warranty against defects and manufacturing flaws

APPROVED: under WELS 2 Tick
Water Consumption:3.80 liters/min

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Quatrio Complete Set Shower Column TQ109+SR14