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How does Hoolah work?

01 - Checkout as usual

Select the items you want and pay with hoolah. No processing fees, credit checks or waiting time.

02 - Enter your details

Share more about yourself and add your debit or credit card details for payment.

03 - Auto instalments

ou no longer need to worry about late repayment. Instalments will be charged automatically on due date.

04 - Instalment updates

Receive updates for every instalment payment. Keep track of how much you have paid and what’s left.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hoolah?

hoolah is a financial technology (Fintech) company that is based in Singapore. It allows retailers to offer their customers to buy now and pay later – 4 instalments over 2 months with 0% interest.

There are no strings attached.

Who can use hoolah?
What does hoolah cost?
Where can I learn more about hoolah?

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