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Medina Design & Interiors

Address (Main) Blk 473 Tampines Street 43, #02-100, Singapore 520473
Telephone +65 8125 7679
Email sales@medina.sg
Facebook medinadesigninteriors
Website www.medina.sg

When was Medina Design & Interiors founded and why?

We came together in late 2018 though we have been together as friends since way back. There was a common goal among us to band together to seek freedom. Freedom to express ourselves creatively, freedom to redefine our work-life balance, freedom to explore avenues in life and freedom to do what we enjoy doing in life. Thus, we formed a new firm in this line, using our experiences and knowledge to good usage, value adding both our lives and our customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Why choose the name “Medina”?

Medina or more commonly known as Madinah, is a city in the Arabian Peninsula with a rich history in Islamic faith. We wanted a name to remind us of our faith, our brotherhood, finding peace and purpose in life. A name which will remind us to be responsible, committed and sincere in our day to day dealings for both life and work in order not to tarnish the good inclinations that the name has been associated with.

What can we expect from Medina Design & Interiors?

Though our name is based on an Arabian city, we do not focus solely on Islamic interior. Design concepts and trends are aplenty. Our focus is and will always be, on serving the needs and wants of our homeowners and infusing it together with our ideas to create a harmony in the overall design of the house. End product does not solely depend on the discretion of the designer, it must be vetted by the preference of homeowners as well. Our niche is finding that right balance.

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